LinkedIn: Professional Ties To Boost Your Business

linkedin for business

Social Media has become a popular tool for personal and business use. LinkedIn is currently the most popular for businesses because it helps so many develop; you just need to use it correctly. There are many ways in which LinkedIn will help you.

LinkedIn Is a Professional Social Networking Platform

The whole site is based on professionals wanting to network and build a reputation online. You put your CV onto your profile and start joining with others in your field or other business owners that you know and respect. It is all about strategy, which is the key thing that you need to remember. Continue reading

Cultivating Virtual Relationships in Social Networking

virtual relationships

The desire to feel connected is a basic human instinct. People do most things electronically, so why not nurture online relationships just as one would in person?

Associations, whether close or peripheral, allow people to form personal bonds, expand professional networks, and gain a general sense of connection and purpose. With advances in technology as well as changes in how and when business is conducted, the world has become increasingly interconnected. Continue reading

Tracing the Origins of Social Media Before the Advent of Facebook

social media before facebook

From its humble beginnings as a slow running personal bulletin board system, the social media revolution today is driving everything about news and information

If you think Social Media began with Facebook, or maybe MySpace, you should take a look at “The Complete History of Social Networking – CBBS to Twitter” which is online at Maclife.

CBBS? Yes, the creation of the first Computerized Bulletin Board System by two Chicago area geeks in 1978 — that’s when it all started, according to writer Michael Simon in the 2-webpage overview of the development of social networking and social media. Continue reading